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wildcard: updating
Cype: Okay, thanks for your answer, wildcard. :)
wildcard: Timo: No but nim's created zaphire used to be hosted here
Timo: is this a kinda download site? i seek nim-2
wolv: omg it's still here! lol
Jase: Oh, wait it seems to work now =-). Was acting odd earlier and yesterday.
Jase: Lo wildcard, long time no speak, my POP3 account seems to not work (SMTP seems OK). Hows life treating you these days anyway?
wildcard: Cype: It's called a tagwall, sort of cross between message board and chat
Cype: Some kind of chat?
Cype: But, what is this?
Alien: omg this place is still around
wildcard: The hosting move has been completed
wildcard: Heads up to hosted sites my host is moving all my accounts tomorrow 6pm central US time
wildcard: nex: It's going ok, how's the new job?
nexinarus: Ah ;) Hows it going man?! Ive started an IT job heh, but slowly writing my website
wildcard: nex: yes, apache needed to be restarted
nexinarus: hybd outage yesterday?
Pete: wow, this place is still around!
Nexinarus: http://nick.hybd.net/code/ - thanks wildcard for hosting me again :)
Nexinarus: I check every 2 months or so haha. hows it going aetherfox ?
aetherfox: Long, long time! Anyone here?
Hard Rock: yep, we're still here.
wolv: and it's still here :)
Nexinarus: Wow hybd.net/~mms is back haha.. my old site. I was looking for it after it dissapeared for a webdesign portfolio. Anyone still around here?
wildcard: Glad its working for you now, hopefully its working for everyone else..

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