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Avenging 2D

Avenging 2D was our first production, and the first intro made by me (Sane) ever.
Avenging 2D entered the Fall Gfx Demo Contest 2000, held by TRINTS Online , and won, in all areas, competing with two other small intros.

I don't remember much of the development of it, but the intro was based on a few crap effects I had made some time before the contest, and I already had the basic idea for the intro ready, so when I got to know about the TRINTS Online demo contest, I picked up the work on the source again, and got it finished in less than one week of very lazy coding :)
I did never expect Avenging 2D to win, but it's fun to have won the first contest I entered :)

At the time this intro was made, I used Scalphunter as nickname in my Hybrid productions, but I stopped using it after this intro, cause I thought the nick Scalphunter sucked :)
This is the only production ever where I use the nick Scalphunter.
All code and graphics was done by me, and originally I intended to have MIDI music, using QMIDI, but I didn't, cause the song I made for it was crap, and I didn't have the time for making it fit in timing and such. (I started making the intro just a short time before the deadline)

Download the intro (72 kb)

The awards Avenging 2D won:

Some screenshots:

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