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I'm the Superhero

I'm the Superhero is our second, and so far latest, production. It's a small intro made for Toshis intro contest.
"I'm the Superhero" placed fifth of five entries. I didn't expect it would get such a bad position, but it was the result of about 3 days of lazy, uneffective coding, so I didn't, and don't, care much :)

Almost every effect in the intro uses a blurring filter :) I don't know why I did it like that, I just did :)

This intro doesn't use any 3D effects, it's all 2D, even though one of them might resemble 3D. Most (maybe all, I don't remember :) of the effects use double-buffering, to avoid flickering.

Download the intro (96 kb)

Some screenshots:

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